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Privacy policy

Basic concept

This website is operated by secretariat of Advanced Cyber Threats response InitiatiVE (ACTIVE), a joint public/private project led by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to prevent of malware infection, and to remove malwares. Its activities involve working within the necessary areas to collect information from users. This information is limited to that appropriate for achieving the project goal.

Scope of information gathering

ACTIVE will not collect general personal information such as names, addresses, etc. (except as described below). Information gathered will include:

a. Internet domain name, IP address, browsing information of this site, etc.
b. Information directly collected through form submission, which may include contact name, email address, telephone number, etc.

Goals of usage

The goals for the use of information gathered in 2.a. and 2.b. above are as follows:

a. Information gathered under 2.a. above will be used to enrich the contents of this site, to provide more beneficial information and as reference for the creation of additional content.
b. Information gathered under 2.b. above will be used for the ongoing activities of ACTIVE. Information such as subject, name, mail address and telephone number provided through the answers given on the contact form will be used to contact the user.

Limitations on use and sharing

Apart from the cases below, the information gathered under the goals outlined in 3. above will not be used for any other purposes or shared with outside parties without the previous consent of the person from whom information has been collected.
However, access information on this site, including access records, as well suggestions and comments made to ACTIVE, may be used as part of statistical data and released publically.

Ensuring safety

Appropriate measures have been taken to ensure against the leakage or loss of the information collected by this site.

Scope of use

This privacy policy applies only to the active.go.jp site. The use of information by related organizations is the responsibility of each of these organizations.