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Action for the damage prevention of malware infection

Damage prevention of malware infection; cooperation with ISPs

ACTIVE leverages a list provided by our partners to prevent malware infection by blocking accesses to command and control (C&C) servers attempted by Internet users who agreed in advance that they may receive warning statements.

The illustration below outlines the flow for this action

Sharing of command and control (C&C) servers information

Information on C&C servers is provided to ISPs.

Prevention of attacks against traffic between C&C servers

Having received prior consent, ISPs prevent potential damages on Internet users when they attempt to access C&C servers.

Warning Internet users accessing C&C servers

The ISPs send warning to users who are reconized to have malware infection, with the URL of the instruction site .

Malware removed

The Internet users access the instruction site and get information needed to remove malware.
The instruction site provides useful information such as antivirus vendors' site where antivirus softwares can be downloaded to remove malware.